Twisted Nurses Bedpan Slave Phone Sex

Slave Phone Sex

~ Patient or slave, it’s your choice who you want to be ~

Hey, I’m a student nurse, Nurse Alyx, and I’ve discovered that twisted nurses bedpan slave phone sex is a great way to make a little extra money. Yeah, I admit, I am a very twisted nurse, and I like bdsm, so, sue me! I can tie knots better than most people and I can give saline-injections that give submissive men great big, pendulous breasts. Do you know what I do to men with big full pregnant breasts? I perform all kinds of very illegal fantasy experiments on them, and I turn them into women who I pimp out to other men or women, for whatever they like. Feminizing’s always a big part of my saline-injected, big breasted men slave experiments, and so is prostituting them out. I profit from these men, and the first time they get sodomized by a real man is always the best! Whooot! I make big money and I always get off!

Do you see the way I’m cupping my perfect round breast here? Well, I get to do that to my saline-injected, big breasted men when I stick my long, greasy, lubricated strap-on cock all the way up their bum holes. Twisted nurses bedpan slave phone sex started out with my emptying my bladder into a very thirsty patient’s mouth, once I had him secured to the bed in our regulation hospital cuffs. Some of my experimental slaves, Oooops, I mean patients, men or women, end up strapped down securely to my padded hospital bench, where I use strap-on therapy to clear overly tight anal openings with my regulation strap-ons which come in many different sizes. And yes, some of them actually do cum, as in they squirt up the bum from a fluid of my choice, filled reservoir and a squeeze-bulb that I operate with my free hand. Call me, you sick, dirty bitches. *grins*

Public Humiliation Phone Sex

Public Humiliation Phone Sex

~ That’s it, suck on this ~

He was drunk and getting in everyone’s faces all night long, so I decided that public humiliation phone sex would be a great way to teach him a lesson. I’m Mistress Bree, and I can’t stand bad manners from unruly, drunken, men. I’m not even sure how he got into our bdsm party, but Graham needed to be taught some manners, so I sidled up to him and threw an arm around his shoulders, telling him that big bad boys like him need guidance by a Mistress like myself. I saw him go hard in his little black thong, and just like a little lamb, he wandered along with me to the padded bench up on the stage. Silly Graham hardly resisted when I nudged him into position and squeezed the handcuffs shut around his wrists and ankles. The heavy black leather strap was a breeze to cinch tightly around his waist. He was going nowhere. It was time to start Graham’s lessons in etiquette.

It took a full second before he even reacted, after I slammed the 5 foot long rattan cane down across his exposed muscular ass. The angry red welt across his full round ass cheeks was beautiful!!! HaHaaaa, I thought he and that whole bench were going to take off like a rocket, right off of the stage. This public humiliation phone sex lesson for drunken Graham was started, and everyone there started clapping and cheering me on as I donned my new latex strap-on. WhoooHoooo! I smacked him a couple more times with that nasty, biting cane before he begged me to take him right up the bum with my strap-on, just like he deserved. “Well, I never thought he’d ask”, I yelled to my friends all crowded around the club stage. Hey, a little domination and humiliation can go a long way when it comes to teaching drunken men some manners around their femdom Mistresses.

Forced Feminization Fetish Phone Sex


Hello, I am Natasha. One of my favorite fetishes is forced feminzation. When you call me for kinky phone sex, and you love to cross dress and beat off, you can call me, okay? I know all the different fabrics and styles that will make your panty loving cock cream! I mean, take a long look at my lusciousness? I am hot and I know how to dress to show off my sexy outfits. I love coaxing men into giving themselves over to me so I can turn them into their pretty, feminine selves, especially when their ego’s are fighting it. I usually start off with getting the man to soak in a bubble bath so they’re clean and they smell nice when I shave their bodies from head to toe, including their eyebrows. *grins cutely* Hey, a guy needs to be clean, nice smelling, and smooth if he’s going to be girlie for me.

There are all kinds of cute draw-on eyebrow treatment I can apply to my bi-curious guy. Oooops? Did I just say bi curious? Oh well, we’ll get to that later. *winks* So, now that I have nice levant eyebrows drawn on him, I’ll want to apply the makeup that includes blue or maybe even green eye-shadow so it can be enhanced with a nice dark eyeliner. I like it when a cute boy/girl’s eye pop. Lipstick should be fairly dark red because a lot of guys have small lips, and a cock sucker’s lips have to be nice and prominent, for obvious reasons. I might be a domme, but I like taunting my transformed guys with bratty remarks about leaving his manhood at the door when I invite him in. Forced feminization fetish phone sex can happen because of the typical blackmail threats, roofies, and even gun-point, so I’m really o.k. with whatever works best, boys. *blows soft kisses*

Cock Control Humiliation Phone Sex

Cock Control Humiliation Phone Sex

~ Lick and shine, boys! ~

It’s perfect, cock control humiliation phone sex, and any Mistress knows why. Once you have a boy under your thumb you can make them do all kinds of unspeakable acts that can make you money, titillate you, or whatever your black hearts desire, as long as it’s to your advantage, right? Men lose their egos once a good, competent Mistress has video recorded them jacking off until they squirt their pathetic loads of spunk on her shoes while she’s wearing them, because the obvious next step is humiliating them by making them tongue the icky stuff off of your feet and shoes, ladies. The saltiness of the feet won’t be noticed by the dominated, submissive fuckpuppets, because they’ll be way too busy licking their sperm off of your beautiful shoes. Submissive girls may sometimes get the same treatment if they’re squirters. *laughs wickedly* Any girl or woman who submits may as well be a male horn-dog. *sneers*

Meanwhile, you dirty guys might want to try getting some of that dirty spunk on the spiky heels of our fetish high-heels, because then they’re lubricated and ready to go up your perverted poopers. Cock control humiliation phone sex is a training and a punishment tool, so expect the unexpected, freaks. MmmmMm!!! Now that’s a sight to behold, a dominant woman’s high heel slipping in and out of a perverted man’s poop-hole while he follows her command to jack himself off, yet again. There’s a use for mens’ spunk, and it involves humiliating men, lubricating them, especially their bum-holes, and then there’s the feeding part of it. Men look so beautiful, lapping their own or the spunk of other men, off of the floor, a ladies’ shoes, or wherever entertains her the most. More than once I’ve had a man spunk on my shoe and then a second time, I’ll have him spunk on the long stiletto heel of my other shoe so I can sodomize him as he cleans his spunk off of the first shoe that he spunked on. Now that’s what we dominant Mistresses call lip-service.

Family Wrecker Adulterous Phone Sex

Adulterous Phone Sex

~ Put yourselves in my hands, cheaters ~

Hey, it’s easy, the family wrecker adulterous phone sex thing, as long as I’m enjoying riding his big salami-pony, and he’s keeping his mouth shut, it’s all good. I’m Mistress Kassidy, and I love seeing how easy it is to break up families by luring the husband into my arms. I’m a little bossy, O.K., dominant and take what I want sexually, but most guys, especially family men, love that in a big titted blond like me. I just need to accidentally brush my hand across a man’s crotch in public, and I’ve got his attention until we can get close enough for me to slip my number into one of his pockets. They always call me, because sooner or later they’re horny, and curious. I always have them meet me downtown or at the public convention centre, and that’s when I snag these adulterous cheaters. *grins slyly*

It’s not my fault that I’m so cute and that I can suck them off at the drop of a hat. They always expect me to end up being a call-girl, hooker, a domme, etc., but I just love sex with strange men, and they like it with strange girls. Yeah, I’m kinda strange, but I’m cute, I’m blond, and I have big round tits. Family wrecker adulterous phone sex is like a game for me, and so far, I have chalked up 42 or 43 really lucky, cheating men this year. C’mon, give me a call and let’s see how hard your cocks get when I wrap my French manicured fingers around them. You know you want some action with me and my skillful body that’s always hungering for other women’s men. I’m so young and tight, and kink is my middle name, if you’re tired of that old Missionary position that you’ve been fucking your grumpy, humiliated, wives in for so many years now. Give me a call, I may ruin your families, but your sex life will be alive and well again. *winks*

Queening Fetish Phone Sex Makes Cream Pies Hot


Queening fetish phone sex takes on a whole new meaning when femdom Mistress Renee Queens you. You will be owned, you will be nothing but a tool for sexual satisfaction. Yes, you will smother, suffocate, and worse, but she will orgasm. Now that you know the rules in Queen Renee’s world, you may begin preparing yourself to be her sensual face-sitting stool of ecstasy. Softly, her voice will command you when and how to slip your tongue into her most intimate openings of all, and you will do it in silence, so’s not to break her concentration on what matters the most, her next orgasm. Financial domination will be a great way to show Mistress Renee that you’re sincere and that you want to lick, tongue, and in general, service her holes even if they’re still oozing fresh jizz-loads of cream-pie goodness. You temporary cuckolds will not gag or show any kind of displeasure as she sputters those thick frothy loads of her lovers’ into your obedient, humiliated, gaping mouths.

Bi curious and forced bi are not your concern if you’re wanting to be of service to your Queening fetish phone sex Mistress. Mind control is a favourite tool of ant self respecting femdom lover of Queening fantasies with her submissive men or women. Orgasm control and orgasm denial will probably be the way she will want to roll with you submissives who dream of suffocating sublimely in between Mistress Renee’s beautiful round bum cheeks, as anything else would just be an unnecessary distraction. Pain play can be a part of the Queening fantasy, especially if cbt and other tortures helps in the training process of full face sitting surrender. A young Mistress can still be a very wise and cruel Mistress, never forget that and where you dreamers belong, under her beautiful round ass-cheeks. Beg nicely, or she won’t even notice you, guys.

Domination Phone Sex

Domination Phone Sex

~ Are you ready for some menstrual humiliation, fuckpuppets? ~

Domination phone sex is a way of life for me when I’m menstruating, guys. That’s when I become Mistress Brittany. *sneers condescendingly* I hope you like being dominated, belittled, used and abused, losers. I like relaxing on my couch while I try on my latest sexy nylons and fetish footwear while you mincing admirers crawl across the floor so you can be close to me, well, my feet. Ooopsie, I might accidentally kick you in the face with my platformed shoe, just because I can. I will order you to remain exactly where you are so I can see if I gave you a black-eye or a bruise, or something I can see and get off on. I like it when you guys bleed for me, since I’m bleeding too, remember? *giggles devilishly* Bloody cream-pies are a specialty that I like to offer my humiliated submissive guys or girls.

I have cum more than once, just from feeling the warm soft mouths of submissive bisexual girls sucking my bloody cunt-hole for me while my thighs have their faces locked against my soggy, bloody crotch as I’m menstruating. Don’t think I won’t kick a submissive cunt-lapping girl in the face either. I so get clitty-wood when I split a submissive girl’s lip open from a well placed kick of my fetish shoe. Your blood and my menstrual blood will mingle nicely when you’re a submissive of mine during extreme fantasy domination phone sex play with me, during that time. *winks* If the timing’s just right, I’ll cum into your mouths and then I’ll have a nice long golden-shower pee into your mouths and down your gulping throats. My hot piss will rinse all that blood down your throats while I’m raggin. Beg me sincerely, and I may kick you in the face and let you suckle on my bloody snatch too, newbies. Give me a call. *blows a raspberry*

Bratty Femdom Phone Sex

Bratty Femdom Phone Sex

~ Lick it up, punks ~

Bratty femdom phone sex is my favorite past-time, dirty guys. I’m Mistress Erin, and when I have boyfriends, they’re my dominated and humiliated cuckolds because I love sex, lot’s of it. And, I like sex with strangers too, so when I get home after clubbing, I want my submissive to lick all that cum off of my thighs and out of my snatch. I can get fucked so easily by all kinds of yummy hard-bodied men who work-out at the gym downtown, and some of them will gladly let my cuckold suck their cocks until they’re hard as re-bar before they fuck me in front of him. Are you interested in being my cuckold, guys? I have a few openings. Sorry, couldn’t resist. *giggles mockingly* All of my cuckolds will experience cock control and orgasm denial when they’re mine. Trust me, when I lock your junk up, I’m the only one who’ll be able to unlock you. *smirks*

As a cuckold Mistress, bratty femdom phone sex is always just a nightclub away, dominated and humiliated pervs, so if you want to impress me, you’ll have to love drinking cream-pies and you’ll have to impress my hung lovers too. They love squirting into all of my holes and they’ll squirt into all of yours too if I want them to. I’ll slap you around if you don’t run like a bunny when my lovers and I tell you to get us refreshments. Your bi curiosity has long gotten the best of you, so you are aching for the first time I make you swallow a big man’s thick slab of cock-meat for laughs, our laughs, not yours. *winks* Hey, if you impress me enough with your oral skills, I may sit on your faces for a good Queening session, but don’t be too surprised if one of my big lovers grabs your legs, swings them apart and bum-fucks you while you’re suffocating in my sopping wet crotch. O.K., that’s enough titillation, boys. Pick up your phones and call me. I dare you. *grins impishly*

Trampling Tranny Toilet Phone Sex

Toilet Phone Sex

~ Suck my cock and my stilettos ~

I can be pretty bitchy, and when I am, be prepared for a trampled tranny toilet phone sex experience with me. I’m Mistress Rosalind, and my latest submissive slave boy found out what real humiliation feels like. *smirks proudly* I’m a dirty bitch who loves toilet play where I make a submissive man or girl wrap their lips around my cock-head so I can piss into their mouths, then I like having them suck me off until I cream into their mouths. Piss and jizz, isn’t that sweet, boys? Oh yes, you’ll be getting trampled, but I have to be satisfied first, then I’ll reward you by trampling all over you in my blood-red fetish high-heels. Once I’ve peed down your throat and ejaculated into your mouths, guys, lucky girls, then I know you’re humiliated to the point of begging me to hurt you with some fantasy trampling fun. By this time, you feel so degraded that you know you deserve to be walked all over by me. *arches an eyebrow*

I have one girl who’s barely legal, but can she ever suck cock!!! Wow!!! She’s so talented at sucking me off that she can suck the entire length of my cock down her throat and then she packs my balls into her cheeks so all I have to do is hump her head until I spray my load into her stomach. Yeaahhhh, I cum the hardest when I feel like I’m violating guys or girls, you know? Trampled tranny toilet phone sex is a great combo-fantasy for me, because I love to mix it up with my submissive players. You kinky couples are so much fun, because then I get to trample the girl or the guy while squatting and bum-fucking their partner with my hard cock. Yeah, I stand on their backs, but sideways, this way I can have their partner stand beside us and bend over for their much deserved sodomizings. Once I’ve squirted my load up inside their clenching poopers, I often piss up inside them too.

C’mon, you boys and sweet not so innocent girls want to experiment with me. Call me. *grins playfully*

Ruination Phone Sex

Ruination Phone Sex

~ Let’s get you lubricated, ladies and gentlemen ~

You will address me as GILF Mistress Trixy unless I tell you otherwise. Ruination phone sex is for a very limited group of you submissive freaks. As you will have probably noticed already, my shoulder-length black pvc fetish gloves. Two words, boys and girls, fist and fucking. *smirks* Have you forgotten already, the topic at hand is ruination, for your’s truly of course.  You will ask me very politely if I would do the same to you, and if you are financially helpful in providing me with some inspiration. I might, just might be convinced if I find you to be really charismatic and pretty, because then my watching you deteriorate as I dehumanize you and destroy your health by turning you into my forced bi, bug-chasing, street walking blow-job whore. Once I start the process of ruination of one of my dominated slaves, it’s very very hard to stop the machinery of your demise, sickos. Strap-on fantasy play is where I like to start. *smiles smugly*

It never takes me more than a week to bring a new ruination phone sex puppet to where I want him or her for being a fully fist-fucked, blow-job whore that’s pimped out for me. Isn’t it just awful, the dehumanizing, debasing of a perfectly good human until he or she’s destitute, and anally stretched out so badly that they’ll never be able to wear white pants again? They’ll be blowing strangers downtown, for me. It’s hot, watching a once heterosexual man’s mouth fill up with it’s first load of jizz, ever. Once we’ve gotten this far together, my enslaved men and women know better than to spit out any man’s cum that they’re drinking for me. Especially if it’s some sick old bum from the bowery, wearing his crusty, dirty old raincoat, that you’re on your knees on the dirty back-alley pavement for. Sometimes I’ll show the bum a few small pics of me fisting you up your stretched out ass, so they cum quicker, much quicker, while I’m wearing my super slippery pvc shoulder-length fetish gloves.

Is that sick and twisted enough for you freaks? *cackles mischievously*